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Website privacy and security statement

       CCPIT Zhejiang website (hereinafter referred as the website) privacy and security statement, is a promise by the website to protect privacy. Due to features of the Internet, the website will establish direct or indirect interaction wit you. Therefore the website adopts the following policy governing the collection, use and protection of personal information for you to read carefully.

     I. Collecting and sorting information

      When you browse, read or download information of the website, your information will be automatically collected and sorted (domain name, browser and operation system you use, visit time, visit page), which will not be used to determine your identity.

     II. Personal data

      When you register with the website and participate relevant events, with your consent and confirmation, the website will, by means of registration forms and orders, require some personal data, including:Personal data such as name, gender, age, ID No. (or passport No.), telephone, postal address, residential address, post code, email address, etc.

      Without your consent and confirmation, except for the condition stipulated by national and local laws, regulations and decrees, the website promises it will not provide such personal information to any private companies but will only use the information with relevant government authorities when necessary.

      III. Information security

      The website will employ relevant technology to manage and protect your personal data in a strict way against loss, misuse or falsification. To protect personal information, when necessary, the website will entrust professional technicians to process data and inform you of the result. If you do not express objection during the time specified in the notice, the website presumes you have approved such processing. However, even after the processing you still have the right to request termination of computer processing.

      IV. Information validity

      The website cannot control or guarantee the accuracy, promptness and completeness of information on other websites linked to the website.

      V. User right

      On the website, you have the following right regarding your personal data:

      1. Inquire and request for browse at any time

      2. Request supplementation or revision at any time

      3. Request deletion at any time

      4. Request termination of computer processing and utilization

      As to the above rights, you can make your request by calling 0571-85029701 and the website will provide relevant services.

     VI. Principle of restricted use

      The website will use personal data it collects beyond necessary range only under the below conditions:

      1. With your consent in writing

      2. To prevent significant damage on interests of others

      3. To improve public interest without damaging your significant interest

      VII. Personal data disclosure

      When government authorities request the website to disclose personal data according to legal procedures, the website will provide personal data according to their request or for the purpose of public security. The website disclaims any liability regarding any disclosure under this condition.

      VIII. Online survey

      For the purpose of urban construction and social development, the website will organize online survey for your participation from time to time. During your participation, any information you publicize will become public information. Therefore, we remind you to consider carefully whether to publicize your personal information in these activities or not.

      IX. Disclaimer

      The website will not shoulder any liability when the following situations occur:

      1 Leak of personal data as a result of your telling your user name and password or sharing a registered account with others.

      2. Leak, loss, misuse or falsification of personal data due to any hacking, computer virus, government control or other force majeure.

      3. Personal data leak and any resulting legal dispute and consequence caused by other websites linked to the website.

      The revision and update right of the website privacy and security statement belongs to CCPIT Zhejiang.

      Tel: 0571-85029701

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